Corporate training

Confident communication is the key to business success.

Do all your team have what it takes when put on the speaking spot?

Can they connect with their audience and speak with impact?

Imagine the benefits of having a team who can all leave a lasting impression when they pitch, present or network in any situation. The effects on your business could be huge.

A good communicator at work is priceless. A team of them can launch a business to the next level.

Transform your team’s speaking skills today with bespoke corporate training. Train all your team to the same level in a program of work specifically designed to address your challenges and goals.

Jo Darby leading a bespoke corporate training course
Your voice is your No:1 asset
– Jo Darby, Voice in the Room Tweet this

Jo can work with your business through Bespoke Training, Individual Training, or on an Open Course.

Bespoke Training

Jo can create bespoke training to meet the specific requirements of your company.

The content of an open course can be delivered in house, with extra focus on certain areas. Or a course can be designed to address other challenges including:

  • How nerves can help you perform better
  • Thinking on your feet under pressure
  • Stage presence and charisma
  • Making body language have a positive impact
  • Transforming pitches and presentations through storytelling
  • How to persuade a challenging audience
  • The power of audience connection

Individual coaching

Are you the leading voice in the room? Or an inspiring one?

Perhaps you need to be?

Individual Coaching can unlock your speaking potential.

Through a program designed specifically for you, Jo will ensure you can be the Voice in the Room that delivers.

Open courses

Individuals can attend group training on an Open Course or the courses can be delivered “In House” at your company premises or alternative geographical location.

Find Your Voice : A course for those who are nervous, do all they can to avoid public speaking or simply want more confidence.

Develop Your Voice: The course for leaders and confident public speakers wanting to increase impact and take their speaking to the next level.