Training for individuals

Don’t like training in groups, prefer some privacy, or just want to really focus on your needs?

No problem – individual coaching with Jo can provide the perfect solution.

It‘s individual because it’s designed specifically for you.

It goes 100% at your pace, focusing exactly on your personal public speaking challenges and goals, because we all have different public speaking gremlins to conquer and achievements to fulfil.

And the best part is that you’re in control.

Sessions can be as long or as short as you like, concentrating coaching where you need it most. Whatever you want to achieve, whether it be more confidence, structure in your speech, a lasting impression at the conference, networking without nerves, or the ability to think your feet when put on the spot……….Jo will always support and encourage you.

Lose the stress and find the strength to step out of the comfort zone.

Launch your speaking into an exciting new place with individual coaching……’ll never be overwhelmed by nerves or deliver a dull presentation again.

Jo offers both Individual Coaching and group training on Open Courses.

Jo Darby leading individual coaching
The power to influence others starts with your voice
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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching can make a real difference, whether you have a specific public speaking challenge, struggle in group settings, or simply learn better in a one on one situation.

Jo will design personal coaching to unlock your speaking potential and give you the best chance of succeeding.

Support can be provided for any challenges including:

  • finding your inner speaking confidence
  • how to cope with speaking nerves
  • communicating effectively in a job interview
  • speaking on your feet when put on the spot
  • connecting with any audience
  • handling difficult Q and A sessions
  • how to speak so people actually listen
  • injecting humour into factual presentations
  • transforming a talk from interesting to inspirational
  • structuring a speech or presentation

…or any other area with which you want one on one support.

Open Courses

Sign up for an open course and discover your speaking potential in a supportive, accessible, group training environment. With other like minded people you can conquer speaking fears, find your authentic voice and maximise its impact.

There are two courses to choose from:

Find Your Voice is a course for anyone who is nervous about public speaking, does all they can to avoid it, or simply wants to feel more confident when put on the spot.

Develop Your Voice is a course for leaders and confident speakers, who want to take their speaking to the next level with fresh ideas and greater impact.